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Do you want to see what you're really made of? 


Vines bus will be leaving Peterborough city center at 18.30 on Friday the 10th of August with one mission and one destination, Hell on #HellBeach. You’ll be dropped into enemy lines for a wet and brutal, sleep deprived 24 hours which will transform your mental and physical limits.

Hell Beach will test your mental toughness, pain threshold and cold tolerance, attitude, teamwork and your ability to perform work under sleep deprivation, high physical and mental stress, but above all, it will test your grit.

So whether you're looking to take it up another notch at work, kick-start a new career, transform your life or to test yourself to the core, achieving Vines #HellBeach24 and realizing that you can achieve 20x more than you ever thought possible will be a defining moment in your life. 

From the moment you touch down, you won’t stop. You’ll be split into teams and your job will be to complete the 24 hours together as a team, you’ll be digging, running, swimming and transporting your new best friend, the soul pole which will physically and mental break you, but you won’t be alone. Standing to the right and left will be your team, you’ll be in it together, from start to finish, from hell to a heavenly beach BBQ at the end. You’ll pull each other through the storm and just when you’ve had enough, it’ll be the person to your side that will keep you going. When your soaking wet and 20 hours in and all you want to do is ring that bell it’ll be knowing that you’ve got each other and your not alone that will push you through the finish line. So whether you're looking to forge everlasting friendships with your work colleagues, friends or looking to make new ones, you’ll feel the meaning of true camaraderie. 

We are also offering a 6 and 12 hour Hell Beach experience for £100 per person, which includes beach BBQ, the option to extend your hell beach experience for the full 24hrs whilst there and travel to Hell beach, return travel is included but will be departing after the 24 hour period so please arrange your own return transport if you do not wish to complete the full 24hrs.

Our mission as always is to turn your #PainIntoPurpose and your hard work into something meaningful. Ticket price for all the above is only £100 which includes a celebratory beach BBQ and fire walk at the end for all participants, as well as travel to and from Hell Beach. Your money and Pain will be used to inspire and transform peoples lives across Peterborough with Vines Communities Rise club. Rise club is a free club for individuals that are looking to transform their lives. We provide free workshops and mentoring to instil the tools and self-belief needed that will put people in need on the right path to transformation. We work with alcoholics, drug users, ex-offenders and people lacking in confidence to provide them with a much-needed platform to get back on their feet and on their way and we couldn’t do the work we do without your sacrifice. So if your feeling Brave and fancy transforming your life and someone else's in the process then get in touch with us today to book your place and turn your #PainIntoPurpose.

To book your ticket or for more information, or if you require a fundraising pack please contact us here.

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