Supporting Locally, Thinking globally

Joe Vine and Neil Atkinson teamed up with Barnardo’s and delivered Hampers to families in need in 2016 for the first time. Neil had been diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2015 but bravely still helped deliver the hampers to the families in need. Unfortunately, Neil is now not with us any more, so we have decided to name the project after him, meaning, he will be with us in spirit, this Christmas, and for all future Christmas’s to come. Vines Communities.

Where shall we go for Christmas day this year!?

This is one of, if not the hardest things about Christmas for the majority of us. Having to decide where to go. Aren’t we the lucky ones. For some families, just getting by on a daily basis is hard enough. Let alone without the added expenses and pressures that Christmas of course brings. Christmas is a wonderful time of year that the majority of us look forward to. It’s about coming together as a family and enjoying good food and good times with those you love. But unfortunately for other families, it’s far from the happy households we have all come to expect. And when it comes to celebrating Christmas, or even just putting a turkey on the table, the money is just not there. So we are sparing a thought for those families less fortunate than ours this year again and are teaming up with Barnardos to provide families in need around Peterborough with a hamper that would be welcomed by any family.


Plan of action -


Raise lots of money

We will be raising money through, cake sales, Christmas gifts sales and Christmas jumper days for business's around Peterborough, throughout December. We are teaming up with business’s across Peterborough and offering their workforces and teams a Christmas jumper day. It’s just £1.00 to wear your jumper for the day and all the money raised will go towards our Christmas hampers. If your interested in having a Christmas jumper day at your company, or helping us fundraise, please get in contact today.


Call in some favors

Vines catering services are teaming up with their food suppliers who have kindly offered to provide lots of food and goodies for the hampers.


Deliver the hampers

We are teaming up with Barnardo's again this year who currently support families in need around Peterborough, this effective partnership allows you to know that the money you have helped us raise is going to the families that need it the most. We will be heading out early on Christmas Eve in one of Vines catering services vans to Distribute the Christmas hampers to the families in need.


Thanks to you, families that would have gone without can now enjoy at the very least, a Christmas dinner together. Thank you in advance for everyone's support, we couldn’t have done it without you!