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4 Legged Fun Charity Dog Walk.

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“I went for a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.” Henry David Thoreau.

Life can be a beautiful and magical adventure at times, and then in the next breath, it can feel like the entire universe has it in for you, and you wonder just how much more you can take, does this sound familiar? We at Vines Communities know and understand well the many sides of life’s seemingly, uncontrollable roller coaster, with its star-studded highs and deep and unexpected dark lows. So what do you do when you're going through the inevitable low part of life’s roller coaster? Well, we believe our destiny is shaped by the decisions we make today and that also listening to our mothers has, in fact, turned out to be a good move. It looks like they were right all along, they do in fact know best!

We believe nature is nurture, hence why we call it ‘mother nature’. And science is now showing how a walk with mother nature is great at reducing stress, beating depression and helping you get back to your best.

Our mission at Vines Communities is to transform lives and we love nothing more than raising money for our mission whilst still fulfilling our purpose, so we are organizing a freshen up which is set to be a great fun packed day, and what more you can bring your little furry friends along for the ride all whilst raising money for a great local cause!

We’ll be heading out on Saturday the 24th of November at 9 am, with one mission, to leave our worries behind and enjoy a great day, with good people and cheeky fish and chips on the beach! Well, you have got to treat yourself now and again….

You’ll board our double-decker bus with your furry friend from Peterborough city centre. Our first stop will be Sandringham to immerse ourselves in nature with a 2 hour walk around the forest grounds, leaving nature to uplift and invigorate. Next, we ’ll stop off for a fish and chip pit stop on the way to a nearby dog-friendly beach where we’ll walk, unwind, and watch the dogs have a whale of a time! With your only decision of the day being whether you want fish or a battered sausage, we’ll have you back in Peterborough around 5 pm (depending on traffic) refreshed, realigned and ready to go!

We've provided some FAQ's below.

Do I have to take a dog? No! Is the answer, we've already sold a few tickets with people that have not got a dog, but are still wanting to enjoy the experience.

What do you class as small to medium sized dogs? Unfortunately, we have limited space and want to make sure that the space available is going to be comfortable for all involved, especially the dogs. So we are only able to offer transport for small to medium-sized dogs, with the medium being up to a Springer spaniel size. however if you do have a large sized dog and still wanted to join us you are more than welcome to provide your own transport, please contact us for more details.

Do I have to be fit? A basic level of fitness is required, the walks are not races by any means, but more leisurely strolls. Saying this, we will be walking off-road on woodland paths and tracks, this will of course be unlevel terrain so we do not recommend joining us if you are not confident in walking on these surfaces or have any injuries that would make this a risk. We will be stopping at regular intervals and on request for toilet breaks and refreshments.

What do I need to bring? We recommend you wear comfy loose clothing suitable for walking, with either walking boots or running trainers as footwear. If you are purchasing new walking boots for your trip, please allow time to break these in prior. A rucksack or bag is highly recommended which we suggest packing the following -

Waterproof jacket and trousers - in case of rain or light showers.

A hat or a jacket with a hood - in case of cold weather or rain.

Money - for Fish and chips! :-)

Water and snacks for refreshments whilst walking - fruit or snack bars are a great choice.

How much are tickets? We provide a single or double ticket which are priced as follows -

Single £30 - up to one person and one furry friend (small to medium sized dogs only) Click here to book your single ticket.

Double £50 - up to two people and up to two furry friends (small to medium sized dogs only) Click here to book your DOUBLE ticket.

Ticket price includes travel to and from Peterborough, stopping off aT Sandringham for a two-hour walk, a fish and chip pit stop and lastly dog fun at a dog-friendly beach. A photographer will be present to capture the days fun also.

Will food be provided? We have an onboard tuckshop which includes drinks, snacks, and crisps starting from £0.60. We will also be providing a morning pre-order breakfast menu, STARTING FROM £2.00. please contact us for pre-order menu Enquiries via our contact page. We accept cash or card.

Will we be stopping on the journey? Yes. We will be stopping at regular intervals for refreshments and toilet breaks.

What will my money be spent on? Our current project is providing free self-development workshops to young vulnerable adults across Peterborough.

Ready to join the adventure!? Book your single ticket here or your double ticket here or get in contact if you require any more information. Once you're all booked don't forget to download our fundraising form here.

We retain the right to cancel the event at any notice. In the event that we cancel the event, a full refund will be provided.